Foreign Bodies

What do you do with a foreign body? 
You either remove it or get used to it. 
Adjust, grow, and assimilate.

In our march to 6.9 million people in Singapore—many of whom are imported—how do we make space for each other? Let's start by taking off our clothes! In trying to understand what might be a ‘new normal’, perhaps it is the expatriates who might have something unique to share.

A cast of all genders and bodies from the community in Singapore come together to form Singapore’s first diverse, politically progressive burlesque troupe! Produced and mentored by Eugene Tan (Becca D’Bus, RIOT!) and Madge of Honor, diva of high performance burlesque, they create a burlesque revue like no other. Everyone's been an expat, except Madge, who is a Foreign Talent.

What do Foreign Bodies do? 
We take our clothes off.